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Total Access to ALL Manicurist Exams includes: - 800 questions in Acrylics, Gels and Wraps, Bacteria and Infectious Agents, Salon Safety and Client Consultation, Sanitation and Disinfection, General Anatomy, The Skeletal System, Specialty Services and Massage Movements, Electric Filing, Manicuring and Pedicuring, The Muscular System, Nail Service Tools, The Circulatory System, The Nervous System, Nail Product Chemistry, The Nail and Disorders of the Nail and The Skin and Disorders of the Skin. All Exams include instant feedback and work with smart phones, tablets & computers! There are 16 Focus Exams, 5 Timed Exams from 100 questions to 125 questions taken from all subjects, 3 Power Exams with 250 questions in selected subjects, and 3 Grand Exams with 500 questions from all subjects each. To enter Total Access, you must first purchase a password by clicking Add To Cart ($22.99). For full details regarding Manicuring Total Access for state board exam pratice get the full details: About Manicuring Total Access

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